How to Make Your Soaps Last Longer

You may wonder how long a typical bar of soap is supposed to last...

We think certain commercial varieties contain enough preservatives and other harmful ingredients that they could survive a nuclear holocaust (much like those golden, cream-filled cakes - which is apparently a myth, by the way). 

While we may be just a little biased, we do think our soaps (and other products) are about as natural as you can get. While we believe this can help promote a healthier lifestyle, overall, it comes with a caveat or two. The biggest of these is that of shelf life.

Our natural soaps should last about four weeks (assuming one use per day). 


First off, our soaps contain no preservatives. We could include such ingredients to potentially cause our soaps to stand the test of time but why would we?

We believe longer shelf life and useful life should be reserved for corporate conglomerates that, perhaps, place more emphasis on driving profits than on the health and wellbeing of their consumers and the planet. 

It goes without saying, then, that soaps without preservatives will undoubtedly have shorter lifespans. For most people, that's okay so long as they know ahead of time. So, expect our soaps to last about four weeks.

Clearly, whether the product contains preservatives or not isn't really something you have control over. Sure, you could purchase preservative-containing products, but since you're here, we assume you don't want to do that. 

What can you do?

Give your bars of soap a nice place to dry!

Drying is, by far, your best defense against a gooey, mushy mess of soap at your sink or in your shower. This is precisely why we encourage you to compliment the soaps you purchase with our soap saving dishes that provide a nice space for your soap to chill out and dry when not in use.

Having a nice soap dish is a great way to help your soap last longer but don't forget storage. Since we hope you stock up on our amazing soaps, you'll want to make sure to store your extra bars in a dark and dry place - such as a shelf in your linen closet. Remember, your bathroom is likely the most humid room in your house - so it's likely not the best place to store your extra bars.

So, there you have it. Now you know how to care for your amazingly natural bars of soap. So go ahead and grab another of your favorites along with a nice soap dish for them to call home. Your soaps, sinks and showers will thank you.



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