One in a Melon Summer Scent

With Summer breezing by and wrapping up rather soon, we just had to prioritize one of our favorite Summer scents: One in a Melon (Watermelon)

As you likely know, this year - and especially this Summer - has been quite eventful. We're still recovering from the monsoon that caused a lot of damage on our property but things are going well! Thus, this seasonal favorite is just a bit late but we're sure you'll enjoy it!

Our soaps contain the same base ingredients giving them the all-natural, solid quality our fans rave about. Then, we add just the right amount of artistic flair to create seasonal favorites like our Watermelon soap.

There's nothing quite like a cool piece of juicy watermelon on a warm summer day. We've attempted to recreate this experience in a soap that your entire family can enjoy.

Our Watermelon soap is naturally scented with watermelon essence. We've crafted the seeds with activated charcoal pieces, which help to exfoliate, invigorate and detoxify your skin. 

Whether you use it in the shower, as a hand soap or simply display it as a work of art, you'll definitely want to get a slice.

This is one of our best-selling scents and with only 10 bars available, this won't last long. Get yours now.


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